Before  our very  first  breath,  we  are  drawn to  love  and  we  continue  to  seek  it until our  last.


      If you’re reading this, I am grateful. Grateful for your curiosity and your sentiment. You may not be well versed in the art of photography or the physics of a camera but you treasure your relationships and understand the value of a captured moment.

      Your relationships inspire me. The closest people that surround you in this life. Those that give you purpose, support you, hold your hands, wipe your tears and never leave your side.

      Your love inspires me.   Those that put a light in your eyes, make you weak in the knees and make your heart skip a beat.

      I do this for you. Your beauty, your smile and moments that make your heart happy.


      My obsession for film photography took hold during my high school years. I’d like to say that at that point I continued my efforts with a post-secondary career and became a ‘classic’ educational success story, but God had other plans for me at the time. 

      Several years passed while this creative desire developed. To the same degree that my passion grew, my spare time and finances depleted . Photography equipment, books & magazines and even a college night course seemed to consume my time and resources.  Anything, to satisfy the thirst for more!  It wasn’t until planning my own wedding many years later, that this career was fully set in motion. 

      I, like most of my clients, bonded with my wedding photographer.  To this day, she and I are still close friends. My enthusiasm for photography was clear but to say that my technical skills needed refining was an understatement. In a period when creative arts mentoring was scarce, she offered invaluable time and knowledge to an eager mind. 

       I am a true believer that everything happens with timing and purpose.  I was not always perceptive to this.  At this particular time in my life, I was seeking answers.  Wondering if I was on the right path.

      As I sat in a dark parking lot on a cold, January evening, ready to start my first night with my mentor, it hit me.  In one clear instant, I understood completely.  My purpose was to become a photographer.

      Even with life’s many diversions over the years,  without question, my journey has always lead me back to a camera.


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