The spice Factory – Hamilton Ontario



      Bride and groom each prepare for the wedding day

      Groom preparing on his wedding day

      wedding invitation stationery

      rustic wedding

      A bride getting her make-up done

      Bride's silk robe

      Wedding dress on hanger in brides hands

      Bridal dress shoes

      Bride preparing for wedding day


      A bride clasping her earring Mother and daughter on wedding day

      A bride looking down at her floral bouquet

      Groom putting on suit jacket

      Fine detailed suit jacket

      First Look between Bride and Groom

      First look bridal portrait

      First look kiss

      Gold oversized balloons

      Wedding day embrace between a bride and groom

      wedding day embrace

      bride and groom hand in hand

      bride holding her train

      Ceremonial kiss

      The spice factory hamilton